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About Us

Best IAS Coaching in Ludhiana

Vashishth IAS Academy was established in the year 2008 to offer coaching for preparation for writing this prestigious Civil Service Examination. Academy functions at Ludhiana only and has no branch anywhere. The main objective of ” VASHISHTH IAS ACADEMY” is to prepare a personality, a personality that will help an aspirant to bring about the necessary changes one requires to bring honesty and integrity towards the society and country in term of value, information, attitude & vision. Best IAS Coaching in Ludhiana
Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Personal Interview are the process of clearing the Civil Services Examination. Academy give deep overview and training on all the subjects for the purpose of clearing the Civil Service Examinations. Once the candidate get through the Main Exams, specialists of different areas to conduct Trial Interviews, Personality development classes, Leadership quality sessions and social responsibility speeches for improving the self-confidence and thereby mentally preparing them for the face-to-face interview.


Congratulations for your decision to pursue civil services as a career. You deserve kudos because civil services does not merely offer you yet another lucrative job for earning livelihood; it provides a great opportunity to realise your potentials, enjoy your assignments, have the satisfaction of serving the country, and eventually lead India.


We VASHISHTH IAS ACADEMY give attention on participatory and interactive learning. In addition our latest technology and up-to-date pedagogic methods are used to give our students a competitive edge over others. We believe without Test and discussion, teaching is useless. So at VASHISHTH IAS ACADEMY fortnightly Test is compulsory, set of study material also be provide by the academy to supplement the teaching


1.   We will divided the new syllabus into individual topics.
2.   A separate material will be generated on each topic with room for note making within that material.
3.  Our focus is not an exhaustive of a topic. Instead, we will make this material an index and a cursor towards each sub-topic.


1.  Once you are familiar the list of topics that we have mentioned in our booklets, no further heads would be required to be covered. (Of course, current affairs related to such topic can be noted down in the material that we provide.)
2.  Our small booklets will work wonders in the last days of preparation, as they can be used for last minute revision of various important topics.


1. As mentioned earlier. CSE mains revolves around answer writing. Our material will act as a lighthouse for each that we cover. Our approach will work on fetching maximum marks out of a topic.
2. Repeated revision of a topic consolidated under a single roof will help you increase your information processing speed. Our material will increase your efficiency in reproducing what you have read.
3. Answer writing in any examination is about focusing on KEYWORDS. E.g. institutional pluralism, cognitive consonance/dissonance, etc.

We will shed light on such important keyword relevant to each topic that we cover.


Another good thing about the new syllabus is the cleared lineation of topic. A well-defined objective always goes a long way in achieving one’s goal. We can spare ourselves from a wild goose chase and aim for the gold.


Speed has now become an imported ingredient to obtain high scores. Mere ability to write fast will not suffice. Clarity of thought process along with fast processing of row knowledge is essential. Writing a meaningful answer in such paucity of time requires a completely advanced approach.


Since, all the questions are compulsory, the difficulty level of CSE has increased many fold. It is impossible to leave any topic untouched.


Everything boils to one single key ingredient, that is, answer writing. Let us ask ourselves a few questions which help us provide clarity of thought.

1. Why are we studying all these topics?
2. Where will this topic help us?
What is the demand of the examination? 3. What is the demand of the examination?